The mission of Take Back Enterprise is to bring open government to our city.  Some may ask, “What is open government?”.  For us, an open government is one where our elected leaders desire to be completely transparent in all that they do.  Open government is not one where decisions are made behind closed doors.  Discussions about issues affecting our city should occur out in the open where all citizens and business owners can be aware of things that might affect their lives.

Open government is also one in which our elected leaders are not afraid to allow citizens to ask questions and be involved in the process of government.  Open government is one in which collaboration between the elected officials and the citizens and business owners of our community is not only allowed but encouraged by our elected leaders.  Our elected leaders should not be afraid to allow regular citizens to participate in the activities of our government.  This should be actively encouraged.

Finally, open government isn’t just about our elected leaders doing a few key activities that they can check off their list.  Open government is truly a culture.  Our desire is to see the culture change amongst our city government from one where just the bare legal minimum is performed to one in which our elected leaders actively seek for ways to involve and engage the citizens and business owners in all their decisions.  We believe that Enterprise is a great city and that the citizens and business owners have a lot to offer and should not be shut out from decisions that impact the community.

Enterprise has been and still is a great place to live and raise a family.  We would like to see that continue.  However, recent decisions by our elected leaders (and more importantly, the way the decisions were reached) have caused more than a few citizens and business owners to be concerned about the direction of our city.  In the coming months we will be sharing much evidence that we feel proves our city government is not open.  For now we would like to show you the voting records of our city councilmen over the past several years.

City Council Voting Record
January 3, 2006 – August 4, 2015

Yes Votes



No Votes



So, the question here is… how can there possibly be this much agreement between five different men over the course of ten years?  Are discussions happening behind closed doors so that they can be this united in the public council meetings?  Who is really making the decisions on many of the issues that affect our city?

We will let you decide the answers to those questions, but please stay tuned… we promise there will be more to come.

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Bring Open Government to Our City!

  1. Thanks for your efforts to promote transparent and responsible government. With that in mind, I think your organization needs to do a lot more to be transparent itself or it’s motives and methods might be unnecessarily questioned. It appears that right now the only information disclosed on this site and Facebook about the organization and its leadership is a PO Box. That might breed suspicion.

    Thanks again for your efforts.

    Ed Foy

    1. Thanks for the comments and suggestions! We will work hard in the future to provide as much information as possible about our organization. We are planning on posting our presentation from Monday on the site as soon as possible, so hopefully this will help answer some people’s questions.. We are having it edited to include the slides. For now we have updated the “About Us” page to include the names of our Board of Directors.

  2. I am reminded of a story an old friend of mine shared with me about a new councilman in Enterprise back in the mid 60’s named Hoover Moore. Hoover’s failure to vote “with the majority” generated the interest of townspeople. People wanted to see what this “New” guys problem was that he did not vote with the other members on everything. People started to attend council meetings and quickly learned that Hoover was a thinker and had ideas that needed consideration. Hoover Moore brought a welcomed change to the way business was conducted at council meetings. He contributed to the success of Enterprise Airport and later in life opened up Carolina BBQ restaurant.
    Everybody has their opinion, listening to other opinions may build for a stronger opinion.

  3. How many times did councilmen abstain from voting in that same period of time as there are 3 ways to vote on each issue?
    1. A “no” vote
    2. A “yes” vote
    3. Not voting because of indecision, or lack of information—abstaining

    1. Thanks for the question.

      Over the last 10 years council members have abstained from voting 10 different times. Two of these 10 times were abstentions on previous issues. Nine of the ten abstentions appear to be the result of a direct conflict of interest because of business or family connections to the issue at hand (properly we might add). Of the 10 abstentions in the last 10 years, six (5 different issues) were by current council members and all six were conflicts of interest abstentions.

      To abstain means to formally decline to vote either for or against a proposal or motion. So there are only two ways to vote which are yes and no. An abstention is not a vote and it is not used to determine whether a majority has been reached.

  4. I would like to compliment this group for your thoughts and efforts. I will be following your site and will support you fully. Open, participatory government must start at the lowest level and spread to the highest.


    1. Thank you very much Kurt. We hope our group and our community can set the example for everyone else and that this effort for open government can move higher up the chain.

  5. I know from reading the legal section of our local newspaper that all the council meeting and work sessions for the council are advertised, this includes when and where the meeting is being held…have the Board of Directors attended these “open” meeting regularly in the past? Or is the information being given by this group strictly from minutes and hearsay? I think that the purpose for the group is great, I just want to know if the board of the group is really as involved with the local government as they make themselves out to be.

    1. Thanks for the comments Jackson. To answer your question, yes we have been involved in meetings and have reached out personally to our elected leaders. While our group does have a board, we want to be clear that our mission isn’t just about 5 individuals. Our group was formed at the request of many citizens who felt that they had lost a their voice with our elected officials. The 5 board members are just a few of the individuals that have been willing to invest time in this effort. There are many others that have also invested time and resources in this effort. If you were unable to attend our recent forum we will soon have the entire presentation on our website so anyone can listen to what we presented. Hopefully that will also answer questions people may have. Thanks again for the comments and for being engaged in your community.

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