Open Letter to all City of Enterprise Employees

In his written response to our request to meet with the City Council, Councilman Al Miller stated that in our efforts to bring open government to Enterprise we were “challenging” all the city employees.  In response to that we have written a letter to all city employees.  Please take the time to read this and share it with any employees of our city.  We want to make sure we are clear about what our mission is and how it also benefits the employees of our city.  They work hard to make our city a great place to live and we want them to know that we appreciate them. Click HereRead More…


We are Making Progress!

At the last City Council meeting we made a statement to the Council and the Mayor in which we requested three things.  We requested that the Council and Mayor meet with us in a work session, that they post the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2016 on the city’s website and that they budget $10,000 for financial transparency software. As many of you know by now, we received a resounding “No” to our request to meet with the Council in a work session.  However, we are making progress on other fronts. They did listen to us on our request to post the proposed budget on the city’s website.  We wereRead More…


Requested Work Session

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on September 1, 2015 Take Back Enterprise made a few requests about financial transparency and we made a formal request to have a work session with the City Council and Mayor. We’ll keep everyone informed on what their response is. Here is a link to the actual letter we presented. Letter to Mayor and Council 09-01-2015.