It was just over a year ago when Take Back Enterprise got it’s start. Our group started as an effort to make all the citizens in Enterprise aware of the growing concern among many that Enterprise was headed in the wrong direction and that the political establishment wasn’t interested in listening to the concerns of many of the citizens in our town. By all appearances, they had their own agenda and it didn’t appear to serve the best interest of the community.

While we have stated repeatedly that we felt Enterprise is and has been a great community to live, work, and raise a family in, we have also been clear that we were concerned with the direction we were headed. Since our inception we have worked to inform the public about some things that have given credence to our concerns. We have also fielded many questions about our name and have been asked “just who took Enterprise?”. Some people feel our name is just right. Some agree wholeheartedly with our stated mission, but have some reservations about the name. Other people are confused about the name because they don’t see any basis for our concern. The political establishment has also expressed concern about our name and have plainly told us that they aren’t going to work with us “with a name like that”.

Over the last few months it has become very evident to us that the political establishment is not going to work with us to address the concerns of many of Enterprise’s citizens. Even during an election year it doesn’t appear they have any interest nor feel any responsibility to join in any real dialogue.

In an effort to refocus on our core mission and for those citizens who feel our name is a little too abrasive, we began discussing changing our name. Our desire is to be as inclusive as possible and to reach as many citizens as possible with our message of Open Government. Our group is not about taking Enterprise back from one group and just giving it to another. Our message of Open Government is about bringing transparency, participation, and collaboration to our city government so that everyone in Enterprise has equal access to information about what our government is doing everyday that affects all the citizens and businesses in our city. Every citizen and business in Enterprise has an equal stake in what goes on and has an equal right to have their voice heard.

Our group is working hard for everyone in Enterprise, even the next generation that is yet to come. What happens in our city today affects not just us but many generations to come and we feel it is important to fight for that. In that vein we will be changing our name to “Everyone’s Enterprise”. We have accomplished so much in the last 12 months yet we feel that there is much more to accomplish. In the coming months we will work even harder to bring you important information about decisions and events that affect you. Please contiunue to follow us at our website ( and social media.

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