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Requested Work Session

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on September 1, 2015 Take Back Enterprise made a few requests about financial transparency and we made a formal request to have a work session with the City Council and Mayor. We’ll keep everyone informed on what their response is. Here is a link to the actual letter we presented. Letter to Mayor and Council 09-01-2015.


Don’t Kick the Can

Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” has struck a nerve in this country.  It is resonating with an electorate that is dissatisfied with Washington D.C. and is greatly discouraged by the direction of this country.  Many in this country think that America was great and is great, but that it is headed in the wrong direction.  But Trump’s slogan seems to say that America isn’t great.  It seems to say that while it once was, it no longer is.  While we could debate the current greatness of America as compared to prior generations, people from both sides of the aisle can agree that change is needed if we areRead More…


Let’s Bring Open Government to Our City!

The mission of Take Back Enterprise is to bring open government to our city.  Some may ask, “What is open government?”.  For us, an open government is one where our elected leaders desire to be completely transparent in all that they do.  Open government is not one where decisions are made behind closed doors.  Discussions about issues affecting our city should occur out in the open where all citizens and business owners can be aware of things that might affect their lives. Open government is also one in which our elected leaders are not afraid to allow citizens to ask questions and be involved in the process of government.  OpenRead More…