Don’t Kick the Can

Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” has struck a nerve in this country.  It is resonating with an electorate that is dissatisfied with Washington D.C. and is greatly discouraged by the direction of this country.  Many in this country think that America was great and is great, but that it is headed in the wrong direction.  But Trump’s slogan seems to say that America isn’t great.  It seems to say that while it once was, it no longer is.  While we could debate the current greatness of America as compared to prior generations, people from both sides of the aisle can agree that change is needed if we are going to keep America great.  This is why Trump’s slogan is resonating with the people on Main Street.

We’ve been asked about our own name.  We’ve been asked “Who stole Enterprise?” and “Who are you going to give Enterprise to?”.  These are all valid and reasonable questions that we want to answer.

First, we want to be clear that Enterprise has been and currently is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  Enterprise truly has been the city of progress.  It has been the city of progress because it has been a place where the citizens felt like they had a voice.  It has been a place where the elected leaders have shown an interest to work with the citizens to make Enterprise great.  Today, the citizens of Enterprise enjoy the fruits of that cooperation of the past.  Tomorrow the citizens of Enterprise will enjoy the fruits or bear the consequences of the decisions made today.  Our concern and the concern of many citizens is for the future.  We are concerned with what appears to be an increasingly closed city government.  In our last post and at our recent community forum we revealed some of the facts that have lead us to these concerns.

Has Enterprise been The City of Progress?  Yes, absolutely!  Have we been a leader in the Wiregrass? Yes, without a doubt.  We want to ensure that it stays that way for our children and grandchildren.

The other valid question we have been asked is, who are we going to give Enterprise back to once we get it?  Well, the obvious answer to that question is – the citizens of Enterprise.  These are the people that have made Enterprise great to begin with.  Elected leaders often like to take credit for the good things that happen in communities and shift blame for the bad things.  The reality is, it is the citizens and business owners who invest their lives and their hard earned profits into a community that make a community great.  Only when there is true collaboration and vibrant participation can a community like ours be great.  We want to bring open government to Enterprise so that we can give control back to the citizens of our community and allow Enterprise to continue to grow and thrive.

We view our responsibility as one to shine the light on these disturbing trends we see in our city government and the way our elected officials are choosing to lead.  As dissatisfied as we all are with the direction of Washington D.C. and Montgomery we must also keep an eye on our local community.  It is in our local communities where we have the most control and ability to affect change.  It is often said that our politicians in D.C and Montgomery like to “kick the can down the road”.  We are all mutually frustrated with their lack of motivation to make real changes.  The reality is we are currently suffering from the decisions made years ago. What if our leaders in Montgomery and D.C. had had the courage to make real changes and solve these issues years ago when they knew they were on the horizon.  Instead they just “kicked the can”.

We hope the citizens and business owners of Enterprise don’t do the very thing that our politicians in D.C and Montgomery are guilty of.  Let’s not kick the can down the road.  If we don’t act now and bring open government to Enterprise we may not be able to get Enterprise back.


Let’s Bring Open Government to Our City!

The mission of Take Back Enterprise is to bring open government to our city.  Some may ask, “What is open government?”.  For us, an open government is one where our elected leaders desire to be completely transparent in all that they do.  Open government is not one where decisions are made behind closed doors.  Discussions about issues affecting our city should occur out in the open where all citizens and business owners can be aware of things that might affect their lives.

Open government is also one in which our elected leaders are not afraid to allow citizens to ask questions and be involved in the process of government.  Open government is one in which collaboration between the elected officials and the citizens and business owners of our community is not only allowed but encouraged by our elected leaders.  Our elected leaders should not be afraid to allow regular citizens to participate in the activities of our government.  This should be actively encouraged.

Finally, open government isn’t just about our elected leaders doing a few key activities that they can check off their list.  Open government is truly a culture.  Our desire is to see the culture change amongst our city government from one where just the bare legal minimum is performed to one in which our elected leaders actively seek for ways to involve and engage the citizens and business owners in all their decisions.  We believe that Enterprise is a great city and that the citizens and business owners have a lot to offer and should not be shut out from decisions that impact the community.

Enterprise has been and still is a great place to live and raise a family.  We would like to see that continue.  However, recent decisions by our elected leaders (and more importantly, the way the decisions were reached) have caused more than a few citizens and business owners to be concerned about the direction of our city.  In the coming months we will be sharing much evidence that we feel proves our city government is not open.  For now we would like to show you the voting records of our city councilmen over the past several years.

City Council Voting Record
January 3, 2006 – August 4, 2015

Yes Votes



No Votes



So, the question here is… how can there possibly be this much agreement between five different men over the course of ten years?  Are discussions happening behind closed doors so that they can be this united in the public council meetings?  Who is really making the decisions on many of the issues that affect our city?

We will let you decide the answers to those questions, but please stay tuned… we promise there will be more to come.

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